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Job Search Assistance Program / Coaching Program


The goal of the Job Search Assistance Program (JSAP) is to assist the spouse/partner in finding suitable employment in the host location as quickly as possible. The JSAP consists of two phases (for the majority of the locations). The standard JSAP has a maximum duration of 6 months.


Phase 1 starts with an intake-meeting between our Career Counsellor and the partner to discuss his/her career background and preferences. Our Career Counsellor will also explain the services we offer. Based on the outcome of this meeting we prepare and conduct a research report detailing relevant jobs and potential employers and the job search action plan.


In phase 2 we actively assist and coach the partner with her/his job search. We start with editing the CV/Resume in the proper format. And we support the partner on how to use all 4 methods that exist for finding a suitable job. These 4 methods are:

a. responding to vacancies in the media;
b. registering with employment agencies and executive search firms;
c. direct approach of suitable employers;
d. professional networking.

We coach and assist the partner in developing the right contacts en building up a network. We also provide training on interview skills, as well as writing cover letters and last but not least we advise him/her on salary levels and employment contracts.

The program is customized to meet the needs of each spouse's/partner's job search, usually by a Career Counsellor (Job Coach) in the host location.


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