We offer 2 services:

Pre-departure Research on Job/Career Opportunities

For many couples faced with the prospect of relocation, information is key. That is why we conduct extensive research in the host location on the job and career opportunities for the accompanying spouse/partner.

This personalised research provides crucial information on his/her career opportunities in their new destination. Based upon the results (report) of our research, the couple can then decide if they take the assignment abroad or not.

We provide a realistic picture of the chances of finding a suitable job. Often it turns out that there are more opportunities than the couple had originally expected.

The Research takes about 2-3 weeks.


Job Search Assistance Program / Coaching Program

The goal of the Job Search Assistance Program (JSAP) is to assist the spouse/partner in finding suitable employment in the host location as quickly as possible. The JSAP consists of two phases (for the majority of the locations). The standard JSAP has a maximum duration of 6 months.

Phase 1 starts with an intake-meeting between our Career Counsellor and the partner to discuss his/her career background and preferences. Our Career Counsellor will also explain the services we offer. Based on the outcome of this meeting we prepare and conduct a research report detailing relevant jobs and potential employers and the job search action plan.

During phase 2 we actively assist and coach the partner with her/his job search. We start with editing the CV/Resume in the proper format. And we support the partner on how to use all 4 methods that exist for finding a suitable job. These 4 methods are:

a. responding to vacancies in the media;
b. registering with employment agencies and executive search firms;
c. direct approach of suitable employers (see expatdata);
d. professional networking.

We coach and assist the partner in developing the right contacts en building up a network. We also provide training on interview skills, as well as writing cover letters and last but not least we advise him/her on salary levels and employment contracts.

The program is customized to meet the needs of each spouse’s/partner’s job search, usually by a Career Counsellor (Job Coach) in the host location.

Please call us or sent an email to set up an appointment without obligation.

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