About us

Since its establishment in the Netherlands in 1995, C&G Career Services offers corporate clients and expatriates a worldwide solution for the dual career issue. We actively coach and assist the partners/spouses of expatriates in finding suitable employment worldwide.

International companies and organisations need internationally mobile staff. These employers have staffmembers (so called expatriates) who have partners/spouses that also want to pursue their own career. This “dual career issue” is increasingly an obstacle for companies that need worldwide mobility from their expatriates to operate and compete in their markets.

C&G has a vast track record in coaching and assisting partners of expatriates with finding a job abroad. Our services are based on our knowledge of the local employment markets and of the contacts and the networks that our locally based Career Counsellors have.

For worldwide mobility of your expatriates, you can expect from C&G the right services to solve the dual career issue for your company.

If you want to talk personally to a Career Counsellor or our Account Management Team, please call +31 (0)6 2153 4955